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Toddler Educational & Musical Percussion for Kids & Children Instruments Set 21 Pcs – With Tambourine, Maracas, Castanets & More – Promote Fine Motor Skills, Enhance Hand To Eye Coordination,

Description :

Allow Your Kids To Create Sounds Themselves With The BritenWay Musical Instrument Toy Set!

Promote better …

… social interaction.

… sensory and spatial input.

… cognitive recognition.

… motor skills.

… hand to eye coordination.

… communicative and language skills.

With the BritenWay musical instrument toy bundle. Each set comes with 21 lovely and adorable instruments. Each one with different sounds. Each one for a different purpose. Let your kids have endless fun while learning about new sounds, cool rhythms and how to handle a musical instrument for the very first time.

Anything is possible with our percussion musical instrument set. Even raise a rock star! Why not?

Now there is no restriction. Your kids can choose among 10 different musical instrument toys! Not just 3 or 5. But 21 super cute instruments are waiting for them. Designed for little hands and highly creative minds. Open the zippered bag and have a look at them. You will find a tambourine, 2 egg shakers, 2 wrist bells, 2 sand eggs, 2 claves, 2 finger castanets, 1 pair of maracas, 1 large sleigh bell, 1 small sleigh bell, 1 hand bell, 1 handle castanet and 1 triangle with a striker. The family of percussion instruments is right here. In a BritenWay toy bag!


Engaging your kids into creative and interactive musical instrument playing can be extremely beneficial. Help them express themselves through music, increase their self confidence, improve their brain functions, enhance spatial reasoning, ameliorate verbal communication, facilitate interaction with others, promote group responsibility, learn to share and collaborate, teach them about discipline, positively affect their emotional well being and even relieve their stress. Music can do so much! Just give your kids a chance. Just give them the BritenWay musical instrument toys!


  • MORE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS – MORE FUN: Our musical percussion instrument bundle includes not just 1 or 2 but 21 wonderful music instrument toys. Each set comes with 1 tambourine, 2 shaker eggs, 2 ger castanets, 2 sand eggs, 1 hand bell, 1 pair of maracas, wrist bells, 2 claves, 2 fin1 large and 1 small sleigh bell, 1 handle castanet and 1 triangle with a striker.
  • INCREASE SENSORY INPUT – SKYROCKET CREATIVITY: Explore the world of music and rhythm with your little angel. Order the BritenWay educational music toy set today. Increase hand to eye coordination, promote fine motor skills and stem learning, keep your kids busy for any hours, increase their hearing stimuli and have some fun!
  • EASILY PORTABLE – CLEVER CARRYING CASE: All of our music instruments come in a lovely zippered case for hassle free storage, carrying and transportation. Take them with you everywhere you go. The music fun never stops even on the go. Perfect for long car rides, beach excursions, garden fun, sleepovers, field trips, camping and more.
  • MADE TO LAST – 100% SAFE FOR YOUR KIDS: Find your peace of mind again knowing that the BritenWay musical instrument toys are made of high quality materials. Plus, Worry no more about nasty smells, chemicals, easily broken parts and cheaply made toys. Protect your kids and your beloved ones.
  • MAKE THE MOST EDUCATIONAL GIFT EVER: Want to intrigue your kid’s imagination and creativity through educational games? Then it’s high time you ordered the BritenWay instrument toy set. The greatest gift idea for Christmas Holidays, birthday parties, get well soon, music instrument treasure hunt, party favors, Easter and more.