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Earrings - Snap Jewelry - Frech Hook Snap Earrings - Compatible with

Studio66 LLC French Hook Earrings with Snaps coordinate with 18-20mm Gingersnaps and Magnolia and Vine snaps in most cases. Snaps work with standard 18-20mm noosa/gingersnap/snap jewelry bases. To select your jewelry: Step 1: Select your base pendant or bracelet (or both). Step 2: Select your snap charms. Looking for an image or logo not in my shop? Send me a convo and I can customize ArtPoppers just for you! Step 3: Wear your jewelry and enjoy! ArtPoppers base pieces work with other snap jewelry bases such as gingers snaps, magnolia and vine and other 18-20mm snap jewelry. Bases pieces also work with 18-20mm snaps. All snaps are interchangeable and customizable. All of our snaps are hand pressed with a 7/8" button machine with our exclusive snap pieces, designed by Studo66. These pieces ae great for wedding gifts, bridesmaid gifts, girlfriend gifts an wife gifts. Interchangeable pieces for your busy lifestyle. We do wholesale! We customize!