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Q1) Is it safe to shop online?

It is one of the most important questions and the main priority of is to ensure customer privacy as well as payment safety. We highly recommended using a strong password for the shopping store or website. On Elanmart, we offer many ways of payment like Credit Cards, and PayPal. We also protect the store from all kinds of security threats. So, you will feel easy to shop from our store. 

Q2) Are the brands authentic and high-quality? 

At, we ensure that all the brands are sourced from honest suppliers. If you purchased from an online store, you should first research the products that offer by them. Read thoroughly the return and exchange policy before purchasing the product and talk to the company customer service when the product doesn't satisfy your needs. 

Q3) How can I save while doing online shopping? 

One of the major advantages of shopping online is that you can easily find the best product at a reasonable price. We recommended you visit our website for the latest trends at affordable prices. Let us know if you have any questions. 

Q4) What Elanmart offers you? 

Elanmart offers lots of lifestyles, fashion, and daily life accessories for an individual of any age. The online store offers you: 



Nike Shoes

Home and Kitchen accessories

Teenager clothes

Formal shoes 

Shirts and T-shirts

Hiking bags

Home Decor

and much more

All of these accessories come in variety so that you can choose the product according to your need and want. 

Q5) Is the money refundable? 

Yes, In case, when you dislike product quality or the product doesn't satisfy your needs, then you can refund your money at any time.