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The Inspiring Life Story Of Alibaba Founder Jack Ma

The Inspiring Life Story Of Alibaba Founder Jack Ma

All of us are social creatures and always looking for an amazing fantasy of real life. We always ready to seek inspiration from our daily thoughts. We grow as a child by listening to the success story of how one hero comes to save his relatives and family members. Studies show that these inspirational stories have a positive impact on people living and help to become generous, emphatic and also improves life overall. Today we will talk about the story of Jack Ma.

Introduction to Jack Ma:

Jack Ma is the renowned founder of the E-commerce giant "Alibaba" and the stakeholder at "Alipay". He is the richest man in China having an estimated wealth of $25 billion.

He grew up very poor in the communist city "China" and failed two times in the university-entrance exam. He was also rejected from many jobs like KFC before searching the third largest internet company Alibaba.

Early life:

Jack Ma was born on 15th, October 1964 in Hangzhou, China. He also has a younger sister and older brother. He with his sibling grew up when China was isolated from "West". The family of Jack Ma did not have any money while he and his sibling were younger The real name of Jack Ma was "Ma Yun". After the arrival of "Richard Nixon" in China, Ma Yun got an amazing opportunity to learn "English. He guided many free tours for foreigners. He learned English because of these tours and also because it allowed him to communicate with native English speakers.


Ma didn't study well and failed in elementary school twice, three times in secondary school and 2-exams while applying to university. However, he learned harder and able to enter "The Hangzhou Pedagogical institute".He graduates in 1988 and then looked for the job.


Ma was not so lucky when we talk about his corporate career achievement. He failed about 30-interviews. He also applied to "KFC" but not selected. He thought that he was not selected because of the unattractive appearance. He thought himself as ugly.

Later on, he managed himself for the job of an English teacher at the local university. The monthly salary of Jack was 12-15 dollars. When he was 31-year, he got his first computer. During this time, he listened to the internet. During the use of the internet, he thought that the American Internet provides not enough information about China. He got a golden opportunity to bring unique business in China. He wanted to support Chinese entrepreneurs to brings their new idea to the internet.

He believes that China manufactured lots of useful goods that are less in price than in other countries. Thus it was the main background to start the Alibaba business. Alibaba attracts about $25B IPO of the investments in 2014. He set up Alibaba in 1999.

Alibaba Achievement:

The first 2-business ventures of Jack didn't succeed. He invited 17-friends to the apartment and presented them with his idea of an online business. He fully committed and convinced his friends to invest in the vision to connect the exporter with the customers via the internet.

At the start, it was not getting immediate success. The economy of China doesn't develop to support E-Commerce because according to china Government, E-Commerce is a major threat to traditional businesses. Ma fights with all resistance and convinced the shopkeepers. But this idea was not so good because it led to the company segmentation to many unproductive layers. It led many best people to get out of the company along with the resources.

He rectifies the mistake and concentrates fully on the existing team by making them a unified and strong unit. During this time, he recognized all over the world. The company becomes the best place for foreign investors.


According to Jack Ma, One of the important things that must be in a good entrepreneur is patience. Without patience, you can never get what you want. It is the best potential of a human to change the world and get the vision of life. We hope, you like today's success story. It makes you enough strong that with hard work and commitment, you can easily get your goal.

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