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Apple iPhone (Mobile Phones)

Steve Job’s Apple of Digital Revolution

Look around you, what is something you are bound to found on your lap or around it, in case it is not already in your hands?

Of course, your mobile phone.

Today, Mobile Phone is an extended part of our body. We are doing so many vital things with our mobile, from ordering food, to buy grocery, apparel, reaching out to friends, finding jobs, flirt, sex chat, Uber, and whatnot.

When Steve Jobs came up with the iPhone, he envisioned to make it as an extended part of its user. A handy phone, with beautiful aesthetic looks, reliable material, fast processor, the best of its kind.

But, the seeds of the great digital revolution were sown long back on 1 April 1976, when Apple Computers Inc. came into existence.

How it all started?
Computers were between us for a long time, but they were mainly utilized in offices, for governmental, institutional, or corporate efforts. Apple sold the idea of a personal computer from the first day.

In the era of boring display interfaces, Apple started making the digital world beautiful, convenient, and safe. 

The business partnership between Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, named Apple Computers, developed some of the most advanced computers of its time, including Apple I, Apple II, Apple Lisa, Macintosh series, and not to miss the iPhone, which revolutionized the way people use their mobile phones.

After Jobs comeback in 1996, Apple started its ‘Think different campaign’, which is still one of the best advertisements ever run by a TV network. They launched iMac in 1998, introduced their retail chain with the name Apple Stores in 2001.

Subsequently, they launched the iPod in 2001, and iTunes music in 2003

In 2007, to emphasize the focus of the company on consumer electronics, Steve Jobs changed the name of the company from Apple Computers Inc. to Apple Inc.

Apple's brand is so valuable, that it became the first company with a market capitalization of $1trillion in August 2018, among the publicly traded US firms.

Shift to personal computing
Apple through its products and philosophy has always tried to transfer the power and control to its users. Beautifully designed machines, reliable, with the most advanced technology.
With the latest hardware and fast software, Apple thinks that when people like the place they work and are equipped with gadgets they love, productivity rises.

This philosophy is in unison for both their customers and employees. If we have the latest technology software and gadgets, many of our daily life obstacles are diluted, which allows us to get better results.

At Apple, all the efforts unite to create an awesome overall customer experience, whether it’s the font of their Software GUI, Look & feel of their electronic gadgets, the interior layout of the Apple store, or the location of the store, everything is carefully planned in detail to provide an enriching experience at every Point of contact for the customers.

“The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do.”
~ Steve Jobs

When the world realized the potential power of that small gadget in its hands, the digital revolution kick-started. Secure cloud storage coupled with seamless Software and reliable hardware is the core building block of today’s business models.
At Elanmart, we value the freedom of individuals to express themselves freely.

We wish to transfer the fun and control to our customers, by providing a deep and exciting collection of awesome fashion accessories, smart apparel, latest electronic gadgets, and effective health care products.

We understand the need for confidence and self-assurance in our life, and the way we dress up speaks a lot about us, to everyone around us. Hence, we wish to help you look best every day and every night.

Just like Apple Inc. enabled its customers to push their limits and achieve greater heights through the latest technology, we at wants to equip you with the power to go out and conquer your world with sheer confidence.

This world is not that cruel arena after all, provided we know our game.

Think Different.
All the Best.
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