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Recently, In china, an outbreak of “Coronavirus” commonly known as COVID-19 has been identified. This is the type of virus that can cause serious illness like “severe acute respiratory syndrome” (SARS), “common cold” and “Middle East respiratory syndrome” (MERS).

COVID-19 is the virus that is present in animals. It can be rarely transmitted from animals to individual and then spread individual to individual.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

The signs and symptoms of COVID-19 may ranges from mild-to-severe. It usually takes only 2-14 days to develop after an exposure. Some symptoms are:


Shortness of breath


The people with weakened immune system may suffer with serious symptoms like bronchitis and pneumonia. The confirmed cases are in adults as well as some kids also been infected.

History of Corona Virus

Many cases of COVID-19 has been reported in different countries like United state of America. World Health Organization on March 2020 declared global pandemic. Different health public groups like United State centers for Disease control & prevention, and World Health Organization are fully monitoring the condition and posting treatment, updates and the prevention recommendations on their own websites.

How does Corona Virus spread?

It is the new virus that appears to be spread from individual to individual among those who are in close contact. The virus is being spread by the respiratory droplets when person infected with the virus sneezes and coughs.

Household members, caregivers and intimate partners in any non-healthcare setting may infected by this virus when have close contact with infected person.

How is the COVID-19 diagnosed?

If you think that you suffer with COVID-19, then you should contact with your doctor instantly Before visiting to your doctor office, it is necessary to call your doctor. It will allow the doctor to properly collect information and then offer guidance. To diagnose, the doctor may run the test to identify common infections. Your doctor will suggest you self-isolation so that other people may not infected by this virus.

Can COVID-19 be avoided or prevented?

Try to avoid those individuals who are sick and never meet people in large groups. Stay at your home if you are being infected with virus.

Cover your face with tissue paper or mask. Always cough into your elbow and upper sleeve. Never cough into hands.

It is necessary to wash your hand with water and soap for about 20-seconds. You should wash your hand with soap after going to bathroom, after blowing your nose, before eating, coughing and sneezing. IF there is no water and soap, then you can use alcohol based hand-sanitizer having 60% alcohol.

It is necessary to wash your hands readily with water and soap if your hands are dirty. Avoid to touch your eyes, mouth and nose again and again.

WHO and CDC recommended to avoid mass gatherings and large events. Avoid the close content with anyone who has symptoms or is sick. Keep distance between others if coronavirus is spreading in your area.

What should close contacts follow?

Close contacts should properly follow some of these recommendations:

Ensure that you can properly understand and help the patient to follow all instructions given by their healthcare providers for proper care and medications. You should aid the patient some support for getting prescriptions, personal needs and groceries. It is important to help the patient with some basic necessities of life at home.

Properly monitor the symptoms of patient. If an individual getting sicker, then call healthcare provider and tell them thoroughly about the condition of patient to have COVID-19. It will help the health-care provider to take some necessary steps and keep the patient away from healthy people. Ask the healthcare provider to contact with state or local health department for further guidance. If the patient need any emergency need, then you should need to call 911.

Household members should stay in separated room as much as possible. They should use separate bathroom and bedroom as well.

It is important to care any pets that is in the home. Never handle any pet or animal who is sick.

Ensure to have shared spaces having good airflow in the house like opened window, weather permitting and air conditioner.

Wear gloves as well as disposable facemask while touch or have contact with the body fluids, patient blood and stool.

Always throw out facemasks and gloves after used.

If you want to remove personal protection equipment, then first remove gloves and then dispose it off. After than clean your hands with water, and soap or with the sanitizer. Remove your facemask and then clean your hands immediately.

Never share any household items with COVID-19 patient like dishes, cups, utensils, towels, bedding and water. Thoroughly wash these items after it used by the patient.

Try to clean all high-touchable surfaces like bathroom fixtures, phones, keyboards, tablets, doorknobs, tabletops, and counters. Clean the surfaces having stool, body fluids or blood on the,.

It is important to use any household cleaning spray. Use the instructions given on the label. While spray, try to wear gloves and make sure to have proper ventilation system.

Wash your laundry on daily basis. Remove and wash the clothes that contain stool, body fluids and blood.

Clean your hands thoroughly with sanitizers, soap and water after handling disposable facemasks, gloves and other contaminated items.

Discuss further questions with local health department or healthcare provider. Check the available hours when you can easily contact with your state and local health department.


Try to follow the above mentioned usual precaution to avoid COVID-19 and respiratory illness. Wash your hand, cleaning the commonly touched surfaces, covering cough properly and avoid to share your personal items with other people. Local efforts are focused on Lessening the impact and spread of virus at this time. The federal government is working very closely with territorial partners, tribal, local, state as well as public health partners. We hope that this situation will soon handled across the globe and we will lead happy life again. InshaAllah.HOW TO AVOID CORONA VIRUS?

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